Friday, February 27, 2009

Hey! Yes, I'm still alive, but barely

I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya', so here goes.

I've really been trying to give President Obama a chance -- I'm not a fan of some of his policies, but he's an excellent politician and an engaging character. However, if he continues to scare the crap out of the stock market, I'm going to be broke, and I wish he'd get back into "Hope and Change" more than the "Misery and Darkness" he's been playing up lately. Read this.
What’s particularly odious about Obama’s scare tactics is that he’s using them for the mother of all bait-and-switches. He justifiably scares people about the magnitude of the financial crisis, but uses that fear not to sell them on a solution to the crisis but to trick them into signing up for a new Great Society. It’s like convincing someone he’s got cancer and then telling him that’s why he needs to buy a new car.
My gut tells me that Obama's talking about how sorry the economy is not only to get his economic agenda enacted ("WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, TO SHOW THAT WE'RE WORKING ON THE PROBLEM, EVEN IF IT DOESN'T WORK!!"), but also to lower expectations so that any sign of progress results in Obama's getting the credit. In 2012, we will hear this: "I singlehandedly, through the force of my overwhelming will and personality, solved the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen!" even though it's us working folk who pay their bills and their taxes, that "solved" the problem. Remember that -- the way out of an economic crisis is through the initiative of private enterprise and individual ingenuity and creativity, not handouts from the government.