Saturday, August 09, 2008

Slacking lately...

Summer's been quite the whirlwind, between work, swim meets, a short trip, yada yada yada. Sorry about that, but I've just been a bit tired and uninspired. Here's an excellent Rescue Me minisode for your enjoyment:

Lots of stupid news out there. John Edwards is a tool, as everyone already knew. Obama's starting to falter as the press clues in to its inability to be critical, and starts being critical, a little.

Bernie Mac died. That's a shame--he was a talented dude.

The Olympics started in Beijing, and some guy killed an American before plunging to his own death.

Here's the Tannergirl doing what she does best, with Tannerdad going a bit crazy with the yelling:

Have a great Saturday -- weather in the 'ville is beautiful, and the Tannerkids and I are off to the mall for some morning hijinx.