Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ninnyhammers! All of Them!! CACAFUEGO!!

What are we looking for in our presidential candidates? HANDOUTS! POPULIST BUNK WITH NO POSITIVE ECONOMIC IMPACT! SUBSTANCE!

Take this "gas tax holiday" stupidity. What does it do? Well, it tricks people into thinking they're getting cheaper gas for a day. They're not, and Hillary (and McCain) know it.

Oh, and that "windfall profits tax" on BIG OIL (cue boogeyman music) is the rankest of stupidities. Think about it this way: a widget generates a 10% profit margin. A $10 widget, therefore, generates $1 of profit. Now, a huge increase in global demand forces the price of that widget up to $100. The company takes $10 in profit. Bully for the company, right?

Not according to the democratic candidates for president. It's somehow "unfair" for the oil companies to reap large profits, even though their profit margin isn't any bigger now than it was when gas cost 75 cents a gallon. The real dollars are greater, but that's what business of all sorts are run to do -- make large profits. It benefits the shareholders (a.k.a. the owners of the company), it benefits society at large because more profits mean more capital the company can invest in itself and other things, like alternative energy sources.

Who would you rather investing in alternative energy -- a company that has to answer to its shareholders and make a profit, or Congress? We're seeing right now how effective Congress is at getting things done -- we're right now subsidizing ethanol production to the point where there is going to be a global food crisis!! Good work, Mr. Senator! Starving poor Africans so we can feel virtuous about using less gas. Whoops!! Did someone say ethanol production at its current production level does absolutely nothing to reduce dependence on foreign oil? And that burning ethanol actually can produce more greenhouse gas emissions than gas? I SHALL IGNORE SUCH FACTS! And these are the idiots that would get to decide precisely what a "windfall" is. Why not just be honest and say "we want to redistribute the profits made by oil companies because it is politically expedient and popular to do so, and oil companies are easy targets that no one cares about. Remember that awful Valdez oil spill?"

Oh yeah -- did you know that Big Oil, such as Chevron, is actively promoting and researching alternative energy sources? Of course not -- if you listen to our idiot politicians. You'd also think pharmaceutical companies are the very devil, trying to kill everybody and make huge profits for their money-grubbing-cigar-smoking CEOs, instead of developing life saving treatments every day that we all feel entitled to have at virtually no cost.

It's looking more and more like anarchy for me. Anyone care to join me in the Independent Republic of Hank?