Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yale senior, in her own words

Good lord. I wonder why she doesn't have friends.
I have made relatively few friends at Yale. Why? Well, that’s the question I would ask myself whenever I feel like a wallflower. Someone once said to me: “Teresa, you are always looking for people to impress you. You want them to say things that you have not heard before, and when they don’t, you are disappointed and annoyed.”

Forget about the impressing part. I am not looking for people to speak about things that I do not understand, but I am very particular about the quality of conversations that I have with others. Different people are particular about different things. My personality happened to make me like what the majority at Yale is not too passionate about and hate what the majority finds acceptable.

I am a rebel because I reject your proletarian views on things! And your speech patterns, which are inefficient and annoying! I hate what you talk about because it is what someone else talks about!

Look, I went to Yale, and if you have a hard time finding good conversation, it's your problem, not the "majority's". That is one of the most stimulating intellectual and social environments you could ever find -- if you don't take advantage of it, well, that's your choice, but it's not a wise one.