Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Michael Vick indicted on federal dog-fighting charges

Protein wisdom's take is here, and, as with all things protein wisdom-ish, it's worth a read.
Still, the idea that Vick — who had t-shirts and headbands made up for Bad Newz Kennels — wasn’t aware of a massive dog fighting ring being run out of his own property, where the remains of dogs were found in several graves, is difficult to believe at first blush; and making that more unlikely, it seems to me, is the interstate scope of the dog fighting ring.

Vick is accused, according to the 19-page indictment, of being involved in the killing of a number of underperforming dogs — including killing one by slamming it to the ground.

According to a police informant, Vick is considered one of the “heavyweights” in dog fighting circles — a “high roller” — and his involvement in dog fights continued, according to sources, well into last season.
Being a Virginian, and a UVA fan, and hearing all the time about Vick and his miscreant brother Marcus, none of this is a surprise. However, be wary of believing the things alleged by "sources" in the investigation -- those "sources" are generally criminal informants who are either working off charges or getting paid by the government to give testimony. Oftentimes, the things said by CI's are, well, bullshit.

So, like Jeff G., I will reserve final judgment on Mr. Vick for now. However, on this blog, as everywhere other than court, Mr. Vick doesn't get the benefit of the presumption of innocence -- so when the evidence is clearer, I'll make the call.

UPDATE: Here's the indictment.

UPDATED UPDATE: Heh. Top 9 Mike Vick excuses. I like this one: "I’m part Korean on my father’s side. So where you see a ‘dog fighting ring,’ I see a a buffet table filled with the freshest dishes this side of a Pukp’yongdong barbecue. RACISTS!"