Thursday, March 29, 2007

You people voted for these folks

And now, Nancy Pelosi is large and in charge. And, incredibly, blocking the passage of a bill that condemns Iran for taking British hostages and expresses support for our closest and dearest ally. WTF is the matter with these Democrats?
A Republican Congressional staffer writes:
It is simply staggering to me that Pelosi refuses to stand beside America's closest ally. I literally would not have thought this possible, until I saw it this week.
Staggering, indeed. We'll see what happens this afternoon.
It's these types of self-inflicted wounds that should, if the world were fair, end political careers. Trent Lott, idiot that he is, got pilloried for making a stupid comment about a friend of his that came off racist--he lost his job as Senate Majority Leader. Nancy Pelosi will, most likely, suffer no blowback for this except in the blogosphere--in fact, she probably will get accolades for being "courageous" or some such nonsense. I wonder why that is?

UPDATE: More of the same shit.