Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let Lucero do the talking . . .

Here's the mood around Tannerball lately:

I think I'll stay right down here on this floor
Cause if I get back up I'll only fall down more
It ain't the liquor and it ain't the beer that keeps me down
It ain't the sad songs or heartache it ain't even this town

Now I must've had a pretty good time to end up here
Made a pretty good run it caught up with me my dear
There's no need to make a fuss cause I'll be all right
Just let me lay here a while 'til I can stand upright

Now I'm just a little bit tired that's all
Don't make me get back up cause I'll just fall

Please stop talking so loud and just let me sleep
I ain't in nobody's way they can just step over me
Well I think I'll just stay right down here on this floor
Cause if I get back up I'll only fall down some more
Thanks to Lucero for being so damn good. Sorry to be a downer, but that's what's up these days.

Men among savages . . .

Read about this soldier in Afghanistan, and thank your lucky stars that there are men out there doing this for us. Amazing:
As the ceremony was about to begin, the bomber, dressed as a medical professional was stopped by Afghan National Police inside the compound. As he was being questioned he took off running towards the ceremony.

As ANP forces chased the suspect, Coalition forces verbally instructed him to stop. When he did not, they engaged with small arms fire, hitting the bomber several times. A U.S. Soldier wrestled him to the ground, restraining him long enough to allow the crowd of people to move safely away. He was able to break free from the bomber prior to the explosion. He sustained only minor injuries from the blast.

Two of the seven injured Soldiers have been medically evacuated to Forward Operating Base Salerno where they are listed in stable condition.
See Ace for this and a cool video.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

When guilty pleasures go bad...

they are like American Idol this season. The boys stink. No rockers, no men, nothing but fruity fruity fruity. And now, the beer.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

This will keep the drunks off the road!!!

Urinal cakes that tell you you're an idiot! Next up -- condom machines that say "you really shouldn't do that -- coyote hangover, man."

Aside from country music

We grow Cy Young Award winners who drive RVs back to their hometowns in Ashland. Oh yeah. . . Cy Young winning pitchers. Driving RVs. Wife won't even divorce him afterward. Believe it or not, it's true.

I know it's been a long time since I rapped at ya. . .

but I have been going through some shite. Read this, and be heartened that French speakers can actually kick some ass.
While talking to the gunman, Lemine realized the hijacker did not understand French.
The 50-year-old captain used the plane's public address system to tip off passengers in French about his plan to throw the hijacker off-balance so that the flight crew and about 10 passengers in the front rows could subdue him, the Spanish official said.

Lemine also ordered women and children to move to the back rows of the plane in preparation for the subterfuge, the official said.

Around 20 people were slightly injured when the plane braked suddenly, the official added.

Spanish officials — and some passengers — initially were concerned the hijacking was related to the trial that began earlier in the day in Spain for 29 people accused of the 2004 Madrid train bombings.

The hijacker was arrested by Spanish police who boarded the plane after it landed at Gando airport, outside Las Palmas.
Excellent. And they kicked that highjacker's ass.
It worked. The man was standing in the middle aisle when the pilot carried out his maneuver, and he fell to the floor, dropping one of his two 7mm pistols. Flight attendants then threw boiling water from a coffee machine in his face and at his chest, and some 10 people jumped on the man and beat him, the Spanish official said.