Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Jim Webb!! Born Fightin'!

And here we have the original draft of his response to the State of the Union Address. Excellent:
We Democrats are mostly united in our opposition to sending more troops to Iraq. We weren’t last month, but sometimes, the most important part of accountability is a stealthy retreat. Take my colleage Silvestre Reyes over in the House, who recently noted that this president had sent too few troops to Iraq, who saw the importance of “victory” there (finger quotes here), and who called for sending more troops if need be. That was then; this is now. He was mistaken, kind of like when he unintentionally imitated a retarded person when a reporter for the Congressional Quarterly asked him about the sectarian affiation of Al Qaeda and he said, “predominantly — probably Shiite.” Representative Reyes knows that these are just distractions from raising the minimum wage, health care, social security, and the things that really matter to Americans. I have absolute confidence that as Chairman of the Intelligence Commitee, he’ll continue to give those important issues his full attention.

Via Instapundit.