Friday, October 06, 2006

Say it again, brother

Amen to that:
It requires media hysteria to miss the point of what is offensive about House Republicans, and it’s not just their stupid e-mails. It’s their ability to take a “Contract with America,” morph it into an “entitlement for all Americans,” and produce a truly offensive amount of pork, cynicism, and cronyism, all in 12 short years. That’s why the “scandal” has legs. No wonder conservatives are furious at Republicans. But trying to get a sex scandal out of these dull e-mails is like trying to get John Boehner off a golf course. (And besides, the Europeans completely missed the much more entertaining story of Rep. Don Sherwood, the Pennsylvania Republican incumbent, who, according to the Washington Times, is running TV ads apologizing for cheating on his wife but denying he abused his mistress.) These guys are as good at sex as they are at meeting a budget. That there’s a Republican left in the House is a stunning indictment of Democrats and their thought-free party.
The real lesson in all of this Foley mess? Politicians of all stripes are ridiculous, smarmy, awful people.

How about some more cranky NRO?
Self-described progressives are great at whipping up a moral frenzy when it serves their purposes, and are hilariously indignant when Moral Majority types return fire in kind. Remember the national bout of St. Vitus’ dance over sexual harassment in the late 1980s and early 1990s? Liberals made sexual harassment their signature issue, rending their clothes and gnashing their teeth over Sens. John Tower and Bob Packwood and Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, among others. The puritanical zeal of these inquisitions cannot be exaggerated.

And then came Bill Clinton, who was, by any fair measure, a worse womanizer than Thomas or the rest of them. The Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit led, inexorably, to revelations of alleged rape and scandalous behavior with an intern. Forced to choose between power and principle, liberals and feminists held an impromptu fire sale on principles.
Read them both, friends of Tannerball!