Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Richard Cohen appears, by all standard measures, to be an idiot.

Richard Cohens supremely idiotic op-ed from yesterday has garnered a devastating response.
First big whopper which torpedoes Cohen's credibility, because it is an easy fact to check: Half of Israel's Jewish population is Arab Jews, not European Jews. How come there are Arab Jews? Because they were in Israel/Judea before Arabs became Muslim. In fact, they were the Jews before various historical events scattered and exiled some of them, one destination being Europe. (And yes, European Jews and Arab Jews are all Jews. The tracing of Ashkenazi Jewry from their origins in Judea are clear, their holy language, religious rituals, liturgy, and even genetic markers are the same, all dating back to where Israel is now, and they all regard each other as Jews and always have. So let's not even start with that particular nonsense.)
Read Cohen's piece, and then read the Keshertalk response. Excellent stuff.

What bothered me was Cohen's attitude of "well, you can't deal with the fanatics, so why try? Don't try to defend yourself in any meaningful fashion -- just 'hunker down,' let it happen -- and for God's sake don't kill anyone! That would make me say 'disproportionate response!'"