Friday, May 26, 2006

Some days I hardly kill anyone

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. Watch this video to get it started right.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bumper stickers . . .

They usually pass for thoughtful political commentary around here (you know--"Think Globally, Act Locally," "A village in Texas is missing its idiot," etc.), but this one is excellent: check it out.

Via Instapundit.

Hasselhoff !!!

Hot hot hot. The German band is having such fun. Lord have mercy on those poor people.

The UN--it's funny because it's true

The inmates are running the asylum:
The new Human Rights Council, which replaces the discredited Human Rights Commission as the U.N.’s lead human-rights body, now seats some of the world’s worst human-rights abusers firmly on the inside. China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia are among its members. The controlling 55 percent of the Council’s votes are in the hands of the Asian and African regional groups, and the election handed a 62-percent interest in those groups to the members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Issuing human-rights abusers a new license to judge human rights abuse is not successful reform.

On management reform, the situation has gone completely off the rails. Annan put a minimal reform package on the table that attempted to wrestle some control from the General Assembly majority which pays a small fraction of the U.N.’s costs. In response, for the first time in 19 years, that same majority forced a vote in the U.N.’s budget committee and sidelined the reform effort. The 50 countries that voted in the minority pay 87 percent of the U.N.’s dues.

On preventing genocide, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights appointed a Palestinian as executive director of a Commission of Inquiry on Darfur. Not surprisingly, the 2005 Commission’s report refused to identify the millions of dead and displaced as an instance of genocide. The commission was loathe to label Darfur an ethnic or racial conflict between Arab militia and non-Arab victim. This pre-summit failure, along with Sudanese intransigence and African Union reservations, contributed to the continuing spectacle of U.N. troops remaining on the sidelines despite the carnage.
Read it all, friends. Who was it that said the United Nations was the last great hope of mankind? Wanna take it back?

Friday, May 19, 2006

"The Nazis had pieces of flair they made the Jews wear."

From a funny line in Office Space to a startling reality. Iranian lawmakers have passed a law requiring non-muslims to wear badges of cloth to identify them as infidel. That's great.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The 50 worst musical acts of all time.

I disagree on Primus, but the rest of the list is spot-on:
They built this city on rock & roll. And crap!
In 1985, Starship rose like a phoenix from the ashes of once-mighty psychedelic overlords Jefferson Airplane/Starship — but only if, by phoenix, you mean “ultra-lame, MTV-pandering purveyors of MOR schlock.” Best remembered for “We Built This City,” they were also responsible for unleashing the Diane Warren–penned “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” a song bad enough to appear on the soundtrack of the diabolical Andrew McCarthy “comedy” Mannequin. And its sequel!
And that's only number 5!

Via Vikingpundit.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I bid farewell to old Kentucky, the place where I was born'd and raised

But Harold Rogers, a congressman, has not. And he's a real peach (if by "peach," you understand I mean he's a crook).
When Homeland Security officials decided that transportation workers would have to undergo background checks before being issued their new ID cards, Rogers again sprang into action. He stuck an earmark into an appropriations bill, mandating that a no-bid contract be given to the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) to handle the background-check operation at a price of tens of millions of dollars.

The Times reports that since 2000 the AAAE has paid for trips for Rogers and his wife totaling more than $75,000, “including six visits to Hawaii, four to California, and one to Ireland.” In addition, the group has donated around $18,000 to Rogers’s political campaigns in the last four years, and, in 2002, it honored him with its Congressional Leadership Award.
Disgrace, indeed. Any wonder why most people don't trust the government to serve its primary functions?

Keen sense of the obvious

Lambrick added: "Alcohol and climbing trees don't really mix. In all seriousness, he could've killed himself if he had fallen and two firefighters also had to climb up to him and put their lives at risk."

Kiss my arse!

So says Mr. Blanton, denied the ability to run on the Democratic ticket against Va. Rep. Eric Cantor:
Blanton's e-mail, sent Sunday night, used a three-letter barnyard term, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. "If that is not clear enough for you, call me and I'll tell you in person," the newspaper quoted from the e-mail.
It may be the nude group therapy sessions that did it.

Monday, May 15, 2006

To President Bush:

You need to keep me safe from the terrorists, but don't you dare do the things necessary to keep me safe from the terrorists !!! Damn you Bush--you search for evidence by searching for evidence instead of divining it from the air !
So there are now two basic templates in terrorism media coverage:

Template A (note to editors: to be used after every terrorist atrocity): "Angry family members, experts and opposition politicians demand to know why complacent government didn't connect the dots."

Template B (note to editors: to be used in the run-up to the next terrorist atrocity): "Shocking new report leaked to New York Times for Pulitzer Prize Leak Of The Year Award nomination reveals that paranoid government officials are trying to connect the dots! See pages 3,4,6,7,8, 13-37."
Read the whole thing.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Playmate of the year . . .

Not so much looking fancy.

News about Poop!

Check it out.
Drug addict David Carlisle, 32, held a knife to Marion Budd's stomach as she walked her dog in Bristol, and demanded she hand over her bags and cash.

When Budd, 52, told him the bags had just been used to scoop up her pet's poop, he fled empty-handed.
Watch out, Crackie!

"Incendiary Ignorance"

Jonah Goldberg. Read it:
First came the Democrats. For more than a decade their leading lights have extolled higher gas taxes, and hence higher gas prices, to pay for everything from school roofs to the development of alternative energy sources that would usher in the economic Shangri-La of "energy independence"—whatever that is. "Look how enlightened Europe is! Gas prices there are two or three times ours," they'd holler. In 1993, when the Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, and the economy was believed to be in much worse shape, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and the rest of the Democratic leadership pushed gas taxes as the solution to our woes. Now even Sen. Chuck Schumer—who voted for gas-tax hikes in 1982, 1990, and 1993—believes that "high gas prices are going to be the final nail in the GOP's coffin this year." So the Democrats want to repeal federal gas taxes in order to bring the price down at the pump. They say the repeal would only be temporary. No kidding!

Instead of forming a bucket brigade to put out this bonfire of buffoonery—as is their historical obligation and divine writ—Republican leaders threw their own rhetorical gasoline. The GOP leadership called for the 12th investigation since 1979 into allegations of "price fixing" and "collusion" by American oil companies. These investigations—occurring on average once every three years—have all concluded much the same thing: Market forces determine the price, not some cabal of tuxedo-wearing fat cats.
Just so you know--the reason we are paying a lot at the gas pump is because we are willing to pay a lot at the gas pump!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ask a Ninja . . .

Even more video excellence. Be sure to watch the "Ninja Pickup Lines" at the end: "I am really sorry I chopped off your boyfriend's arm. Need a hug?"