Friday, January 27, 2006

Need some Dem-bashing?

Over at NRO, they are handing it out in spades to our democratic friends in the Senate.

Victor Davis Hanson:
All that mess is what killing bin Laden and stopping Iranian nukes may well be about, if we don’t “outsource” responsibilities — however glib that sounds on a Democratic blog or thrown out as a gnarly bone to an oohing and aahing academic audience.
George Neumayr:
The historic purpose of the Senate was to serve as an aristocratic counterweight to the sometimes mindless and destructive passions of the House of Representatives. The Senate would safeguard “the cool and deliberate sense of the community,” according to the Federalist Papers. The framers wanted aged men to serve in the Senate, age providing the advantages of “greater extent of information and stability of character.” The framers didn’t get a chance to meet Pat Leahy and Ted Kennedy. Under these old frauds the Senate has become perhaps the least deliberative body of our government, a club of posturing hacks incapable of reasoning beyond the most immature categories.