Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mark Steyn, demographics, and the coming economic crises in Europe

As luck would have it, my Irish pal Ciaran and I were having an email discussion about a related topic just this morning. He and I disagree about many things, but I think we are in agreement that the major European economies of Germany and France are facing a demographic crisis that will require some serious work to fix. Well, then Mark Steyn comes along and says a lot about the upcoming economic problems in Scotland (as an example for most of Europe):
Scotland is the canary in the United Kingdom's coal mine, but, given that three of the four component parts of the realm are mired in the same bloated, dead-end dependency culture, it would be foolish for the English to assume they won't get stuck with the bill for a Celtic fringe decaying into a long-term geriatric hospice. I doubt any Scot with an eye to electoral viability would want to run on anything that smacked of American conservatism, but surely they could at least learn something from Ireland, where, you will recall, Braveheart was filmed. They could have shot it in Scotland, but the Scots are too busy shooting themselves.
As they say, read the whole thing.