Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Zarkman is back

and he's keepin' it real.
In fairness I guess you expect that kind of pussified goatshit from French recruits, even when they're shahids. Weasels or not, at least they have enough sense to try to save their own asses. But man, then there are these crazy fucking Saudi and Yemeni and Syrian assholes. Those guys are so stupid and horny for Paradise poontang that they're already blowing themselves up before they get their luggage unloaded from the courtesy van. We got a little joke here at the office:

What's the last thing a Saudi says to a Syrian before they met Allah?

"What does this button do?"

I'm telling you, If you were around these felchers 10 minutes you'd be convinced we need to rethink this whole marrying-in-the-clan thing. And, along with the stupid, comes the gullibility. Zawahiri, in all his motivational wisdom, bought a Dish Network subscription for the office so we could get the CNN and MSNBC feeds. "Good for morale," or something like that. Oh yeah, brilliant move there, Ayman. Next time some of my clueless shitheads decide to attack the "demoralized and broken" Team Satan after watching the Chris Matthews Show, maybe you can help stuff the remains into the Ziplocs and write the goddamn thank-you notes.

Which brings up another thing: those worthless Satanland dhimmis. Yeah, I know they mean well, but Allah save us all from these cocksuckers' "help." I suppose you heard about the infidel peace creeps we snatched last week. Nice little PR coup, huh? Well, you try being in a cramped office with a bunch of smelly Unitarian hippies from Austin bitching about "vegan optional meals" and demanding "natural fiber wrist ropes." Mohammed H. Prophet, I swear that beheading deadline can't come soon enough.