Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Manolo's Christmas hits

Via the Manolo, we find out that David Hasselhof is back and ready to rock it out. The reviews of this album are spectacular (scroll through them, lord):
Let me just say that this CD changed my life. I was busy looting the sewage-filled stores of New Orleans (for my family, of course)in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. As I sloshed thru the streets full of bloated animal corpses, a large boom box under one arm, all the bling I could put around my neck and wrists, and a fur coat over my free shoulder - I saw IT!! Shining and floating in the cesspool of the 9th ward - a beautifully wrapped, untouched, unopened CD of the Master Jerklehoff - "Very Best Of" Heir Dingleberryhoff, I might add. At first I started to let it drift down the rat-infested, turd - o - toilet my home had become. Common sense kicked in and I put it in my new Gucci bag dangling from my hip. Hours later, when relaxing with my new gun collection from Walmart, having a few warm brewskys and taking pot shots at the cops - I remembered the CD. I gathered up the pilfered batteries that my three sons had on the new Louis the XVI chesterfield (the antique store was OPEN I tell you) and cranked up the new boom box. Let the magic begin...