Friday, December 16, 2005

Devious Canadian bar owners !!

I just love this:
Edmonton bar owner Tony Burke has found a creative way around the city's new smoking ban: a remodeled bus where customers can go to light up out of the cold. Since the bus has wheels instead of a foundation, it's not covered by the smoking ordinance. (Just to be on the safe side, Burke registered it in his own name, rather than the business's.) "Despite the loophole," reports the Globe and Mail, "Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel has told reporters that bars should comply with the spirit of the law."
Yes, mayor, your subjects (and that's what they are) should comply with the "spirit of the law" that restrains your citizens' freedom to do as they please, as opposed to your having to follow the letter of the law. But what about the children? THE CHILDREN!!
Of course, if your real goal is to stop people from deciding how they use their own bodies, you're failing--which is why this case nicely exposes the fact that the public health argument isn't the true motivation for many of the anti-smoking nannies.