Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Say hello to my little friend

My college roommate, Ciaran Padraig O'Buachalla (aka Ciaran Buckley), has a blog you should check out. Not only does he link to Tannerball, but he has great insights like the following:
Not so in Ireland, where financial institutions have made a killing in recent years by offering capital-guarantee investment products to consumers. The investing public have ignored exorbitant management fees, dividend-shorn returns and deceptive guarantees, simply because investment brokers told them that they were guaranteed to not lose any money.

Even though the capuchin monkey's money instincts are broadly similar to humans, the tufted primate is superior in one important respect. If a banker in a three-piece suit climbed into a monkey cage to claim a few grapes as management fees, the monkey would have the good sense to bite him. Not so the Irish retail investor.
Scroll around--you will find some good stuff there. And the name is Gaelic, so you can say "I read a blog that's called some shit in Gaelic!" and impress your friends. Plus, it's cool that the Gaelic for "blog" turns out to be "blogh." Who knew?