Monday, October 17, 2005

More news from Turkmenistan!

Your friend and mine (see here, and here), the president for life of Turkmenistan, has written a new book.
"Dear Friends," is the latest collection of childhood memories and patriotic poetry by the "genius pen" of Niyazov, known as Turkmenbashi or "Leader of the Turkmen Peoples," the Neutral Turkmenistan daily reported Monday.

Some poems are about "the Motherland, its history, human kindness, honour, courage and love," while others are dedicated to Niyazov's late parents "whose names are sacred to the entire Turkmen people," the newspaper said.

The president-for-life of this ex-Soviet Central Asian state has built up a bizarre personality cult, including putting up gold statues of himself and his deceased parents in strategic spots across the desert country.