Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Miers application revealed!

So here's part of Harriett Miers' application to be a "female associate justice" on the Supreme Court:
In my capacity as female Chairperson of the Texas Lottery Commission, I also experienced many, many experiences and tough choices that will be relevant to being a female on the US Supreme Court. For example, in 1997 a woman from Tyler sued us for a share of the Texas Big Game jackpot because she forgot to buy her regular favorite combo ticket (11-17-22-26-41, Powerball 43), the week it came up a winner. At my trial testimony I explained to the judge, woman-to-woman, that Texas Lottery advertising precedent was clear: "If You Don't Play, You Can't Win!" My dramatic testimony led to a bench aquittal and earned me the prestigious "Annual Award of Excellence" from the Chairperson of the Texas Lottery.

Read the whole thing. It's funny.