Saturday, July 30, 2005

This is what they are blowing themselves up to accomplish. . .

We see what the Islamists are actually after: read this post and follow the links. Can you imagine getting lashed with a cane 80 times for taking a drink? Or having to ride on buses segregated by sex? Or teenage girls who get pregnant being beaten in public with the sanction of the court?

Sharia is imposed on all Muslims even if they want to be tried in a constitutionally mandated court, thus subverting Nigeria's democratic order; Sharia legitimizes the killing of Muslims who exercise their right to change their religion; Sharia results in corporal punishment or death sentences for women for alleged sexual crimes, whereas men are invariably not punished; Non-Muslims are barred from being judges, prosecutors, and lawyers in the sharia courts to which they can be subject, thus making them second-class citizens. Though some form of sharia has long been part of Nigeria's civil law, some Nigerian states are expanding sharia jurisdiction to criminal law matters in ways that violate Nigeria's constitution and international human rights standards.

Via Instapundit.