Friday, June 03, 2005

Making friends and influencing people

Once again, Howard Dean shows his true colors (and his ass)--if this is reaching out to the other side, what would a negative campaign look like?

Speaking to the Campaign for America's Future, Mr. Dean called for easier rules for voting, saying it is difficult for working parents to make it to the polls on time and wait to vote.
"Well, Republicans, I guess, can do that, because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives," Mr. Dean said. "But for ordinary working people, who have to work eight hours a day, they have kids, they got to get home to those kids, the idea of making them stand for eight hours to cast their ballot for democracy is wrong."

The point: Republicans can afford to stand around to exercise their right to vote because they don't have to work, the rich cheatin' bastards!

I swear, I think these folks have lost their minds--ask yourself, how many republicans do you know? Don't they work? And don't they do all kinds of different and valuable jobs? Are there no republican teachers, cops, firefighters, millworkers, lawyers, doctors, etc.? Howard needs therapy, and a smackdown from Miss Manners.

And here's the kicker:
Mr. Dean received the most enthusiastic response at the conference at the Washington Hilton yesterday, where the audience repeatedly interrupted his remarks with applause and cheering.


UPDATE: Powerline reveals that Dr. Dean said a whole lot more, most of which was complete gibberish, utterly devoid of substance. I think I am going to start paying more attention to the good doctor, because he might single-handedly ruin the democratic party forever.